The purposes of JSNFS are to measure ways to make lasting improvements to Nutrition and Food Science and to make a contribution to the academic development and increase in health of our citizens based on the undertakings of presentations, exchanging knowledge, and delivering information on the theories or usage of research of Nutrition and Food Science.


Types of Memberships Number
Regular Member 2706
Student Member 584
Honorary Member 38
Permanent Member 168
Corporation Member 57
Supporting Member 69

Local Sections


Year Event
1947 Foundation, creation of the society journal, held first general meeting
1961 Establishment of the Society Award
1966 Selected member of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences
1973 Published the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology
(with the Vitamin Society of Japan)
1975 10th International Congress of Nutrition (Kyoto, Japan)
1986 Hosted the 5th Asian Congress of Nutrition
2015 Hosted the 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition(Yokohama,Japan)


  • Editorial Board of the Journal of JSNFS
  • Award Nomination Committee
  • Society Activities Committee
  • Ethics Review Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • International Academic Cooperation Committee
  • Future Vision Committee
  • Technical Terms Committee
  • Health, Food, and Nutrition Labeling Committee
  • Editorial Board of the JSNV
  • Conflict of Interest Committee/ COI Committee
  • Central Election Committee
  • Organizing Committee of the 22nd International Congress of Nutrition


  • JSNFS Award for Distinguished Service
  • JSNFS Award for Excellence in Research
  • JSNFS Award for Young Investigators
  • JSNFS Award for Technology and Innovation


  • The Nutrition and Food Science Fund of JSNFS
    • A. Research Grant
    • B. Research Grant
    • C. Aid for International Academic Cooperation
  • Special Research Fund of Nutrition and Food Science