Project name 3rd Edition of the Danone International Prize for Alimentation, DIPA.
Public offering organization Danone Institute International
Aim The aim of the award is to reward and encourage innovative and multi-disciplinary scientific research, led by mid-career researchers on the topic of Alimentation.
Target field The purpose of the DIPA is to encourage and support cutting edge, innovative and multidisciplinary scientific research in Alimentation, which is the umbrella term for sustainable

eating and drinking practices that contribute to the health of individuals, including food choice, purchase, preparation, cooking and meal organization, and their determinants.
Prize 100,00€
Who can apply and how? The DIPA will recognize the work of a single researcher, or a representative of a research team, who is leading a pioneering and collaborative approach on Alimentation and is open to mid-career research scientists working for a non-for-profit organization and from a variety of scientific disciplines within Alimentation, including behavioral science, sociology,anthropology, psychology, environmental sciences, economics, and cultural studies. More detailed info on the Rules & Regulations document at
Deadline October 16th, 2022.

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